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Carneros Ranch Wines

Carneros Wine Company's Carneros Ranch wines are sourced from some very notable Carneros Appellation vineyards including the Haire and Mahoney Vineyards. These vineyards, and the families that own them, are true pioneers in the wine industry. Their decades of dedication to the Carneros Appellation shows in the quality of their fruit and winemaker Ken Foster does his best to bring that wonderful fruit character into every bottle.

Pinot Noir from across the Carneros Appelation vineyards has a high-toned, cherry/cola character with a touch of exotic spice. The Carneros Pinot Noirs can range from light and refreshing, to dense and layered. You'll find that while the Carneros Ranch Pinot Noir has bright, beautiful fruit, it is also layered and complex.

Chardonnay from the Carneros Appellation will typically display a crisp, green apple character with a mouth-filling density. At Carneros Ranch, our Chardonnay's typical Carneros flavors are complemented with a touch of French oak and a creamy-soft texture that lingers on the finish.

Under the supervision of winemaker Ken Foster, the Carneros Ranch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay display their Carneros heritage. Both wines express a bountiful bouquet of armoas before they burst to life on the palate to deliver the Carneros flavor profile. The generous and balanced mouthfeel sets the stage for a delightful fruit finish.