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Balfour, Melissa, Francis In 1972, when the Mahoneys and their partner/dear friend Balfour Gibson, broke ground on the first new winery to be built in the Carneros region since prohibition, their goal was clear - to create Pinot Noir that could stand up to the Burgundies Francis had fallen in love with in his European travels.

Their first winery, Carneros Creek Winery led by winemaker Melissa Moravec, helped the region acquire its appellation status in 1983. Surrounding the winery, their original clonal plot garnered much praise and yielded a trove of winemaking expereince used to plant the Mahoney's future vineyard sites - the Mahoney Ranch (purchased in 1986) and the Las Brisas Vineyard (purchased in 1996).

In 2002, Francis and Kathy sold their beloved winery and the original clonal plot in hopes of enjoying the peace and quiet that an early retirement would offer. Their retirement was shortlived at best! Both Francis and Kathy realized that retirement was better left for those whose hearts weren't in their work and so it was that they reinvented themselves at Mahoney Vineyards.

With a staff that has worked alongside the Mahoneys for multiple decades on average, the Mahoneys continue to expand the possibilities of their beloved Carneros region.

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