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Our Wine Selections

Carneros Wine Company releases four different labels, each focusing on small production, micro-climate focused wines. Our Redwood Empire wines are a study in the microclimates of California's North Coast region. Fleur de California/Fleur de Carneros wines are our bistro-ready wines that perfectly showcase the varietal and the terroir of the vineyards they were grown in. Carneros Ranch wines are classic Carneros varietals that typify the characters of Carneros' unique terroir. The Mahoney Family Vineyards wines are all grown exclusively in our estate vineyards - they're the truest representation of the decades of experience we've put into our craft.

Mahoney Family Vineyards
Grown exclusively in our certified sustainable estate vineyards in the Carneros Appellation, Mahoney Vineyard wines are the result of over four decades of farming this unique appellation. From clonal selection research to cover crop experimentation, few in the industry match our experience in the vineyards and the cellars. Mahoney wines are true representations of terroir, clonal selection, and varietal character that are perfectly balanced with a touch of French oak. As cofounders of the Carneros Appellation, the Mahoney family produces wines designed to showcase the highest tier of Carneros grown wines, while continuing to innovate and create the trends rather than follow them.

Carneros Ranch Wines
Wine styles come and go in this ever evolving industry, but quality winemaking should always remain a winery’s focus. Our Winemaker, Ken Foster, has designed Carneros Ranch wines to cater to those whose preferred wine style is big and bold, and who appreciate a more pronounced, yet integrated oak presence. We have combined our estate fruit with high quality fruit sourced from our Carneros neighbors to produce wines with density, structure, and balance while remaining true to their varietal and the heritage of the Carneros region.

Fleur de California
Since the first release in 1987, the Fleur de California wines have received a great deal of international praise and recognition. Fleur de California wines are crafted with minimal use of new oak, a focus on true varietal character, and as a statement of the terroir in which they are grown. Our goal is to create wines that complement the foods they are paired with.

Redwood Empire Wines
The northern anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge is the gateway to California’s Redwood Empire. Nestled along these coastal hills, you’ll find many secluded micro-climates that nurture their resident flora and fauna. These gentle, wind-swept hillsides also host many small family vineyards whose owners have worked for generations to perfect the fruit on their vines. The Redwood Empire wines pay homage to these small family vineyards by showcasing in the bottle, the unique characteristics that the fruit from their vineyards has to offer.