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WinemakingWith over 40 years of wine production experience in the Carneros, we are continuing to expand our vineyards' potential. Decades of clonal exploration and experimentation have given us a breadth of knowledge that few can match. But we haven't rested on our laurels! We continue to micro-manage our vineyards: trying out new varietals, different cover crops, and testing different rootstocks. We believe that the best wines are the result of a great deal of foresight in the vineyards.

Most of our Pinot Noir clones are vinifed in small, distinct lots, while some are field blended in accordance with our past experiences. Our wine cellar often contains 30 or more individual Pinot lots well into the vintage's cellar life. By keeping the lots separate, our winemaking team can make the crucial blending decisions by sampling wines that have developed a bit more of their ultimate characteristics.

In the Mahoney Vineyards and Fleur wines, you will find a common theme: drinkability. All of our wines are crafted to enhance the foods they are paired with, while steering clear of a heavy oak presence and high alcohol levels. These wines are reminiscent of what you will find on the tables of European households.

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